1. Customized products

Do you have a project or an order which requires the full design and manufacturing of a specific system? Elio-Solutions can handle your request and provide the products you expect based on your detailed requirements. We are able to process technical specifications, certification requirements, we check the validity of all products and suppliers licenses, as well as all regulations and requirements for international shipping.

As a first step, Elio-Solutions provides a pricing for each part of the project (samples, finished product, moulds, design process, services…), provides recommendations and plans the whole project with you. Elio-Solutions then handles the production process of the first samples. Once the products are validated, we provide production and quality control, from the purchase order to the delivery point.

2. Logistics and order tracking

Elio-solutions order tracking app

Thanks to our e-planning app, our clients can easily track their order’s progress on their smartphone. This real-time tracking service allows them to focus on their actual added-value tasks. Each client receives a unique access code which allows them to track the positioning of their order, the manufacturing status and date, the loading date, the estimated date of arrival (ETA), the order content, etc.

3. Packaging

Elio-Solutions’s clients can enjoy a customized packaging branded with their name and logo (depending on the order volume). They just provide us with their graphic requirements (logo, company name, phone number and contact information etc.).

All our packages bear the product type, volume, power, frequency, certification, etc. (information depending on the product). This facilitates the customs clearance process.

All our packages provide the highest safety standards for the goods all along the shipping process.

4. Administrative process

Elio-Solutions’s logistics and admin department handles the whole administrative process required to export your products (shipping quotation, Bill of Lading, packing list, certificate of origin, invoices…). Therefore our clients don’t need to bear the burden of sometimes complex processes, especially when the departure and delivery places are far from each other. Elio-Solutions handles the contact and relationship with all shipping operators, whether it be by sea or by air.

5. Loading plan

If your order requires a full container, we propose a loading plan (see example below). This helps our clients optimize the volume they can order and choose the best and most cost efficient solution for their order: 20′, 40′ or 40’HQ container. We also propose grouped shipping.

Example of a 40′ container loading plan
Container loading plan