Jupiter commercial on-grid PV kit

Jupiter commercial on-grid PV kit

10 kW / 20 kW / 40 kW / 60 kW / 100 kW / 500 kW

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Elio-solutions' Commercial Solar PV Kits are ideally suited for any business that is looking to reduce rising energy costs and hedge against future energy inflation. Our pre-engineered kits are suitable for most installation sites including commercial roof tops and ground mounting locations.

Offered in both pre-configured and site specific designs, Atlas PV systems save time and money when planning and adopting solar into commercial settings.

Designed to match your business’ requirements , the commercial PV systems are delivered install ready and hold internationally compliant certifications.

Product Benefits

  • Hedge yourself against future utility increases

  • Sell excessive power back to the utility grid (net metering)

  • Reduce your building operationg costs

  • Solar modules have up to a 25-year warranty and a typical lifetime of 40+ years

  • Low maintenance

  • High reliability

Common Applications

  • Factories

  • Distribution centers

  • Shopping centers

  • Office buildings

  • Libraries

  • Churches

  • Schools