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All-in-one heat pumps

The air/water heat pump (2 in 1), also called all-in-one heat pump, uses calories from outside to produce domestic hot water. It can also cool down your home by a few degrees.

10 models, from 60 to 300 litres

60-100 L range
120-300 L range
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Heat pumps for hot water

To heat and produce domestic water, the aerothermal split heat pump (air/water) uses calories from outside. It can be installed during renovation as well as in new housing.

6 models, from 4 to 18 kW

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Swimming pool heat pumps

To raise the temperature of your swimming pool while preserving your expenses in all seasons, the swimming pool heat pump (air/water) is ideal. It uses the calories from outside.

3 models, from 30 to 145 m3

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