Ecostation, plug-and-play PV kit

400W plug-and-play, self-consumption solar system

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With Ecostation, reduce your electricity bill as well as your environmental footprint in a single step.

One of the fundamental properties of electricity is that it is distributed primarily to the nearest consumer. Connected to a standard wall socket in your home, the Ecostation produces solar electricity which will power the closest devices: yours. These devices will therefore rely less on the power grid: your electricity bill is already starting to fall.

What's more, the Ecostation's electricity is carbon-free. By reducing your use of the power grid, you also reduce your environmental footprint!

The Ecostation installation process is ultra-simple: open the box, unfold the station (2 screw axes), orient the panel towards the sun and plug the station into an outlet in your home (maximum 16 Amps). And that's all!

The Ecostation occupies only 2 square meters, in a sunny, unshaded space.

All Ecostation components meet the most demanding international standards, and respect the prerequisites of your power grid operator. You can connect several Ecostations (on French territories: up to 7, to remain within the 3kW limit of systems which do not require prior approval from the grid operator) to the same home to further reduce the electricity bill.

Product Benefits

  • Save on your electricity bill: the electricity produced by your Ecostation(s) erases part or all of your home consumption

  • Easy set up: the Ecostation can be installed by a single person and doesn't require any tool, any work or any authorisation

  • All-in-one: the Ecostation box contains all components required for the PV kit to be installed and used

  • Reliable and systainable: Ecostation abide by all prerequisite of power grid operators, and its components are certified according to the highest international standards

  • Scalable: plug several Ecostations to your home in order to reduce your electricity bill even further (note: some local regulations may impose a limit on the total power - on most French territories, systems above 3kW -more than 7 Ecostations- require a preliminary authorization)

  • Live monitoring: the Ecostation comes with a smart meter, which you plug between the Ecostation and your wall socket, and which allows you to monitor in real time the electricity production and your savings.