Allianc hybrid

Alliance hybrid PV kit

Single phase: 3 kW / 4 kW / 5 kW - Three phase: 5 kW / 8 kW / 10 kW

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Elio-solutions' hybrid PK kits combine the innovation of both on-grid and off-grid technologies and are offerred as grid-tied solar with battery storage (Hybrid 1) or as off-grid with battery and utility power backyp (Hybrid 2). Similar to the on-grid benefits, Elio-solutions' hybrid systems generate power that can be used and/or stored using either a lithium iron phosphate battery bank or lead acid gel battery bank. any excess energy can be sold back to the utility company (if net metering is available), when the utility rates are higher thus lowering your return on investment.

Our hybrid systems seamlessly adjust to fluctuations in power from both the utility and the solar array, maximizing the energy storage and consumption. With a number of different configuration sttings, users can decid when and how much energy is stored or sold back to the utility. Integration has never been easier or more simplified, our single unit inverter/charge controller allows seamless integration with the solar array and battery bank. Battery banks are offered with either an air cooled storage cabinet (Li-ion) or sleek storage rack (lead-acid).

Elio-solutions solar hybrid systems can be stacked in parallel (up to 10 sets in parallel) to produce larger systems.

Product Benefits

  • Can operate in on-grid or off-grid mode

  • Sell power back to the grid or store excess power for later use

  • Use grid power or solar energy to charge the battery bank

Common Applications

  • Residential locations with unstable grids

  • Locations that do not allow net metering

  • People who want to take advantage of the utility rate changes

  • Those who cannot afford to lose power or have power outage